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A Celebration of the equinox in the Basque Country

A workshop on recapitulation

Our relationship to work and connection to our life purpose

From March 15 to 18, 2019

The Basque country is a magical place, with its green and luminous hills, the Pyrenean mountains in the background and its lands inhabited by the power of the Atlantic Ocean. It brings a feeling of  anchoring, light, peace, harmony and beauty. The Basque people, the oldest people in Europe, who inherited a very rich pagan culture, chose for thousands of years to live and work in harmony with this land.

Supported by the intention of this ancestral people, and thanks to the energy of renewal of the equinox, we will explore our relationship to work; because we often spend the majority of our adult life there, that sometimes it can be lived as a constraint and that it is also through it that we contribute to the world.
We will dive back into our experiences to illuminate some of our patterns to better understand and transcend them.

Practice of series of movements and recapitulation exercises will help us to broaden our field of consciousness, and connect to our life mission.


On Sunday, after strolling by the ocean to free us from our cumbersome memories, we will visit the mysterious caves of Zugarramurdi where the pagans organized their rituals.

On Monday, we will take a small train to climb the mythical mountain of La Rhune where, on a clear day, we discover a 360 ° view of the Basque Country, then we will finish the evening in the cidery of Bayonne to dive into the atmosphere of old taverns.

During this entire stay, we will reconnect to a time when myths and realities were entertwined, a time when Mari, the goddess of nature, Sugaar, the male dragon, laminaks and other fantastic creatures still populated this Earth …

The Dragonfly Practices are inspired by a lineage of seers from ancient Mexico. The intention of these practices is to help us leave behind our personal stories in order to fully embody our destiny.
The light, joyful and magical spirit of dragonflies facilitates the metamorphosis and helps us to become the magical beings we truly are!

Provisional program:

Friday 15
arrival, registration and dinner at Domaine de Françon in Biarritz

Saturday 16
Practice from 9h to 22h30 at the Domaine de Françon

Sunday 17
morning: visit the seaside of Biarritz
Afternoon: visit the Zugarramurdi caves and the witches museum

Monday 18
Visit of the La Rhune mountain
Dinner at the Ttipia cider house in Bayonne

Tuesday 19


Seminar and bus tours:
Saturday march 16: 150 € before February 24 / 200 € after
Sunday march 17: 70 €
Monday march 18: 50 €

Sunday and Monday meals including lunch at Zugarramurdi, La Rhune and dinner at the Ttipia cider house are not included in the prices and are the responsibility of the participants. Count 15 to 20 € for lunch at Zugarramurdi and La Rhune, and 35 € for diner at the cider house.

Accommodation at Domaine de Françon in double or triple room.

Package # 1: From Friday 15th to Tuesday 19th: 225 €
Friday night and dinner

Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and night
Sunday breakfast and night
Monday breakfast and night
Tuesday breakfast

Package # 2: From Friday 15th to Monday 18th: 185 €
Friday night and dinner

Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and night
Sunday breakfast and night
Monday breakfast

Package # 3: From Friday 15th to Sunday 17th: 145 €
Friday night and dinner

Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and night
Sunday breakfast

Package # 4: 2 meals of Saturday and participation in the rental of the room, without accommodation: 60 €
Package # 5: participation in the rental of the room without any accommodation or catering package: 30 €

Meal not included in the packages and therefore remaining at your expense:
Sunday lunch in Zugarramurdi. Count from 15 to 20 €
Sunday dinner at your convenience in Biarritz
Lunch at La Rhune
mountain. Count from 15 to 20 €
Monday dinner at the cider house. Count 35 €

We have a limited number of places. The payment of the accommodation will validate your registration. No refund after March 1rst.